WISE KIDS is a not-for-profit company, founded in Oct 2002 by Dr Sangeet Bhullar. WISE KIDS promotes innovative, positive and safe internet use through the provision of innovative training programmes, research, consultancy and resource development in the areas of Digital Literacy, Digital Citizenship, Digital Participation and Online Safety.

WISE KIDS works with parents, carers, educators, youth workers, children’s services, police officers, medical practitioners and other professionals interested in young people’s online and digital media use, digital literacy, digital citizenship, online rights and safety. WISE KIDS works in the UK and abroad.

WISE KIDS believes the Internet, digital and mobile services are transforming the way we live, learn, socialise, do business, access entertainment and more. We believe it is important to actively develop our digital literacy (our knowledge and understanding of the networked world we live in) and well-being in order to be able to harness the power of these technologies, ensure our safety and use these technologies for benefit.

This includes Digital Literacy – the understanding, knowledge and skills to use the Internet and digital technologies creatively, critically, innovatively and safely. This also encompasses the computer coding  and other skills needed to create online,  access information, learning, participate and network online and share content and services. Digital literacy also includes an understanding of the Internet itself, as the digitally mediated environment in which we operate, the legal and other constraints and opportunities these environments present.

WISE KIDS also believes in the importance of education to support young and old to use the Internet and connected digital services responsibly and safely. This will better enable them to better understand how to detect and manage risk online, as well as manage their personal data, identities, reputation, privacy and safety.

In this way, young and old will have the knowledge, tools and confidence to be active participants (users and contributors) of the Knowledge Economy. WISE KIDS is committed to overcoming the Digital Divide and believes that the way forward must rest in greater education in these areas.

WISE KIDS is a associate member of the UK Council for Internet Safety, as well as a member of the ITU-Impact Alliance