17th of October 2018: WISE KIDS is delivering a series of workshops for pupils and parents at Cwmdare Primary School to promote Digital Smarts, Digital Citizenship and Digital Well-being.

22nd & 23rd of October, 3rd of Dec 2018: WISE KIDS is delivering our 2+1 day Digital Leaders in Youth Work Short Course for Powys Youth Service.

6th of November 2018: WISE KIDS is delivering our WISE KIDS ‘Essential Digital Skills, Digital Smarts & Digital Well-being’ programme for Professionals working with Children and Young People – in collaboration with the SwitchSafe group in Cardiff.

8th of November 2018: WISE KIDS is delivering our ‘Digitally WISE’ workshop for young people from the ‘Follow Your Dreams’ Charity in Cardiff.

14th and 15th of November 2018: WISE KIDS is delivering a 2 day interactive training programme for Newport Foster Carers on Promoting Positive and Safe Internet Use.

16th of November 2018: WISE KIDS is delivering an Inset Day for teachers at Cwmdare Primary School on Promoting Digital Competency, Digital Citizenship and Digital Well-being in Education.

22nd of November 2018: Sangeet from WISE KIDS is delivering a workshop on Fake News and how this can be addressed with Digital Literacy for Children and Young People. This is being held in Bristol in collaboration with Impero.

Nov 2018 (dates to be confirmed): WISE KIDS is working with the Caerphilly Parent’s Network to deliver two short workshop sessions for parents on ‘Promoting Digital Wellbeing for your Child’. These will be held at Idris Davies School in Rhymney and Upper Rhymney Primary.

Feb 2019 (dates TBC): WISE KIDS is delivering our 1 day programme for Professionals (in collaboration with Children in Wales) on ‘Developing Digital Well-being and Digital Citizenship for Children and Young People’ in Rhyl and Cardiff respectively.