Announcing our new Digital Smarts & Digital Wellbeing Online Coaching Course for Parents/Carers

How can we teach our children to make the most of the Internet while staying safe online? That’s a question troubling many of today’s parents. On Safer Internet Day, WISE KIDS is announcing a new online coaching programme to help parents and carers develop their own digital Knowhow. The programme, consisting of three 90 minute online coaching sessions, will cover issues like safe use of social media and gaming, critical thinking online, digital resilience as well as good online resources for homework and learning. Parents will gain valuable insights to help their children to use the Internet positively and safely.

Dr. Sangeet Bhullar, founder of WISE KIDS, and developer of the online programme says: “The Internet has opened up wonderful opportunities for education, entertainment and social connection, but parents are increasingly aware that there can be downsides to all this connectivity. Our new course will teach parents how to help their child use the Internet safely and positively and nurture values like kindness, respect and positive family role modelling.”

Michelle Jones, Project Co-ordinator for the Parent Network in Caerphilly said: “It’s not just young people who need access to information on using the Internet wisely – we see many parents who also need this support. We are very keen to be able to offer this programme to our parents too.”

Mum, Jenny Grewal, a parent at Cardiff Steiner School says: “I have three boys and am increasingly concerned about the impact of the Internet on their health and wellbeing. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot more as they get older. I’m really aware that I can teach them about things like stranger danger and road safety in real life, but have no idea how to do that in the digital world. I’d welcome the chance to know how to help them to use any time online safely and mindfully.”

Please take a look at our flier for more information. If you would like to register for this programme, or have some questions, please send an email to with the subject ‘Parent Coaching Programme’, and we can arrange to have a chat.